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We are eternal souls, re-membering. This is what we do. I see your Mastery. We offer the memories of a foundation of Self that helps you further access and experience You, your Highest Self. We also offer our perspective of a very unique timeline of creating an Age on Earth unlike any other. The wisdom is eternal and highly activating, allowing you to Consciously Create in this magical reality, from the expanded energy field of a whole-ly Divine sense of Self. We would love to have you join us. For those who feel in resonance with this experience, I cannot wait to get started with you!!!

For some this feels like a big investment, and it is. This has the potential to be a life-changing experience and it has been for beings just like you that have experienced this series with me. Some have been on a hamster wheel of spiritual teachers and programs for decades, only to still find themselves feeling like a mouse in a maze chasing cheese that keeps getting moved.

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My work, especially in this foundational set of re-Sources, is designed to set yourself free from that game of separation, right into the Source energy of You! Payment option 1 : payment in full, 1, USD, accomplished by joining members page here. Payment 1 is made at time of checkout. Three subsequent payment are timed from date of checkout.

Click here to contact me. Contact me to discuss arrangements for your alumni discount. He recognized that, when you win the game of free enterprise, your most corrupt bet is to turn around and find every possible way to block others from winning. Then, you stand at the top of the heap, unchallenged.

That is exactly what he had in mind. Not in the abstract, but in reality.

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Socialism is:. On a grand scale. The vast expansion of freebies doled out by central government.

Saturn-Eris and the Solstice Cluster, part one

In order to create and sustain dependence. The government protection of favored persons and corporations, permitting them and aiding them to expand their fortunes without limit, regardless of what crimes they commit in the process. Monsanto would be a fine example. The squeezing out of those who would compete with the favored persons and corporations. The dictatorship by and for the very wealthy, pretending to be the servant of the masses.

The lie that the dictatorship is being run by the masses. The gradual lowering of the standard of living for the overwhelming number of people. The propaganda claiming socialism is the path to a better world for all. In other words, socialism is a protection racket and a long con and a heartless system of elite control, posing as the greatest good.

Except in the specifics of its updated lies, it is just another form of top-down tyranny—as old as the hills.

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A year or two ago, a person living in Europe told me that the European Union was not a problem, because it was just another layer of socialism placed over the existing socialist governments of European nations, and no one really noticed the existence of the EU. Protesting that America is, instead, a system of greed and inequality is merely saying that the central government is protecting certain corporations and favored persons. The real and true definition of socialism accounts for that favoritism and protection. Socialism is, in the minds of most people who advocate it, a vague sentiment about people being kinder to each other.

The raving of a madman. The Carnegies and Rockefellers of today including a miniature Rockefeller named George Soros have engaged the young as foot soldiers, and they know the young are willing dupes for socialism, because they created, for the young, an education system that makes them clueless and mindless. Here is a relevant backgrounder I recently wrote about private property—. Once private property is abolished, the socialist crime bosses win. They build their heaven on earth, which means they can take what they want and run civilization, top-down. They can keep saying nobody owns anything, but in fact they own it all.

They execute this squeeze play as if they were messiahs eradicating the prime evil: private ownership. This is such a preposterous stage play that, in a sane society, it would close down after one night. Newsflash: There is a difference between an idea and the way that idea is applied in practice. Based on this practice, many people will claim freedom was always a failed and corrupt idea at the core. This is wrong, absurd, and dim. Very dim. But the idea of private property remains independent of what people will do to distort it.

A child used to be able to see this.


Centuries of struggle resulted in a shift from monarchs and priest classes owning all available land, to individuals having the right to own land. Once that principle was firmly established, groups immediately tried to modify the principle to their advantage. In , a group called the Illuminati declared its existence in Bavaria. One of its guiding ideas was: the abolition of all private property.

That concept traveled down to Karl Marx and the Communist agenda.

Private property was called an inherent crime. This garbled incoherent pronouncement would be backed up by the ruling government, who would act as stewards for the masses—meaning the government would take control of all property until such time as the people evolved to the point where the State was unnecessary. As a straight con, it was very weak. A two-bit hustler on a street corner with a folding table and three cards could see through it in a second. The people evolving?

The State withering away on its own? Equality defined as everybody owning everything? In the light of day, however, with a clear mind, the idea was terrible. It was quite insane. It signaled a transfer of property from the individual to power-mad lunatics.

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  8. Needless to say, this idea of no-private-property is alive and well on planet Earth today. We are in another round of fantasy-drenched propaganda. In a nutshell, the threat of pure private property is: it establishes individual rights that stand against the unchecked force of the government-corporate-banking nexus. It implies the individual is free, independent, and the ruler of what he owns.

    Well, that is called a crime. It should be prosecuted. It should be stopped. It points to the corruption of public officials who refuse to prosecute the protected and favored offender.

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    Here is utopia laid bare: the government and its partners, who are doing everything they can to limit, squash, and outlaw the individual right to own property, are the same force that is acting as the wondrous representative of all the people. Then victory will be ours. Not the iron fist. The open helping hand. Not the hammer. The smiling guide. Not the monarch. The servant of humanity.